Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Grandma Polly

After an uneventful trip with dry roads and no traffic to speak of, we arrived in Middlebury. 

Ah, back home.

Katrina had kindly invited me to her exercise classes and I was happy to check them out. The first morning, I got to see this pretty sunrise as I headed out. 

Can I just say...she's in great shape and it was lots of fun...and I was sore. So glad I got to go and wish I could go all the time!

Grandma Polly invited us over for the evening meal. She made a fabulous dinner...of course dessert was her famous Yoder Delight.

After dinner were some shenanigans after getting into Grandma's toy drawers.
Grandma Carol in disguise

Googeek in dsiguise

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