Sunday, October 13, 2013

More local fun

Some of my posts are out of order, like this one.

We made a trip to the fair (before the Yoder reunion). 

We watched  a demonstration of an old-fashioned lumber saw. Dad told us all a disturbing story of a man (who lived to tell the story) of falling onto the blade and witnessing his own beating heart.

Enjoying a few rides.

Dad found this discarded hat...

It was kids night AND the weather was gorgeous = the most full parking lot I have ever seen.

We love just hanging out at Mom and Dad's house too.

We played some croquet...I was not so good.

Aubrey loved rolling in the grass. Neither of us is allergic to this grass, like we are to fescue at home in Wichita.

Breakfast at the Essenhaus. Tyler trying some of Grandpa's fried mush with tomato gravy, just to make Uncle Hollins proud. 

I had to include this picture of sweet Tipper eating her yogurt.

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