Friday, November 2, 2012


This year, we went trick or treating with Pat, Lisa, Oliver and Eli in their neighborhood. Before we left, we took a few pictures. (As you can see, we got lazy this year and didn't carve our pumpkins - I really like the Mr Potato Head's so easy and the kids can help with it).

Aubrey was quite taken by Pat and Lisa's wagon and had to either be in it or next to it. This meant we were usually behind the rest of the crew.

...Then Aubrey would sprint to catch up.

Eli's race car costume was so cute! And seeing Pat hoist him onto his shoulders was entertaining too. As you can probably tell, we couldn't have asked for nicer trick-or-treating weather!

Aubrey hadn't napped that day, and with all the sprinting to and fro, so she didn't last too long before she just wanted to chit chat with the homeowners, then wanted to stay in the stroller eating her candy, and ultimately fell asleep. Lisa kindly continued to walk around with Oliver and Tyler so Tyler didn't have to call it quits.

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