Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Grade

It has felt like a bit of a whirlwind around here. Between getting ready for and presenting in-services at my school, changing offices, etc, and getting Tyler ready to start school, his open house, etc, both kids have been sick. Things have just been a little "off."

Monday was Tyler's first day of first grade. He had been sick all weekend, but he was well enough to go to school. I was nervous about the change from 1/2 day kindergarten to all-day school. But, other than stomach aches - he had a "great" day! (And he quickly learned - it took only the first day - that he needs to eat when he has the chance). :)

We were all ready to greet Tyler off the bus that afternoon. Aubrey was cracking herself up while we waited.

Welcome home, Tyler!

Every day, Tyler has good things to say about school, which helps me not to worry. And, thankfully, as of today, both kids are least for now. ;)

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Melissa said...

aw i'm proud of Tyler - he's so grown up! omg Aubrey just cracks me up - she has such an adorable little happy face!