Saturday, April 9, 2011

catch up time

I have had blogging block, but this is my attempt at a little catch up.

About a month ago, I found Aubrey had happily hoisted herself up onto our stair blockers a.k.a. chairs. Here she is sporting a nah nah nah boo boo look.

Our little climber happily holding the phone...she holds it behind her head when she is trying to act like she's on the phone.

Also, nearly a month ago, was Spring Break. We enjoyed seeing friends again after a Winter with lots of illnesses that kept us all apart. I didn't take any pictures, but Lisa did - she posted pics of trips to Exploration Place and the Zoo.

We also purchased a First Team basketball goal. Because of stormy and cold, then windy weather, it took nearly 2 weeks from the digging of the hole until its completion.





This week, Tyler and Wayne have been playing nearly every evening - this time in their matching KU shirts.


And Aubrey begs to be outside with them so she's usually running around too.

Tyler and I also enjoyed making these tasty and easy Bird's Nest Cookies to welcome Spring. These pretty Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats are next. Happy Spring, everyone.


Rachel Kathryn said...

Can't wait to play basketball on the new goal! ;)

Carolyn Miller said...

Way to go Wayne. Love the new project