Sunday, June 13, 2010


Life has been busy lately...thus the time between posts. From May 30-June 8, we headed to Indiana for a visit.

We decided to try the train. I had not taken the train since I was probably 7 years-old and still have good memories of that trip. We traveled in coach seats on the way out. Suffice it to say that we will not do that least not with small children. We took a sleeper car on the way back...and it was worlds better! Here is Aubrey, happily playing in our sleeper car.

We are thankful that Lynette and Rusty were able to pick us up (and later drop us off) at the train station in Chicago. We scheduled our visit to see them again before they return to Thailand. We spent the beginning and end of our trip in Middlebury at Mom and Dad's. I failed to bring my camera, we only brought our video camera, so I'm borrowing pictures for this post. I'll try to post some video another time.

Aubrey enjoyed baths in the kitchen sink...

...and Tyler enjoyed Mom and Dad's tub, especially when accompanied by a snack and a DVD to watch. What more can he ask for? Not much, in fact, as each time this was allowed, he stayed in the tub for a couple of hours. :)

We spent part of a day in Decatur visiting Wayne's grandparents. Aubrey had not met them yet, so we were happy to see them again. Then we spent a couple of days with Hollins and Rachel in Indianapolis.

We got to babysit for Jillian the first night we were there. She has recently learned to crawl, and was getting around just great. She was a lot of fun, and was easy to take care of. She was interested in checking out her little cousin.

We got to visit the zoo while we were there. I was impressed, especially by the Oceans exhibit.

We headed back to Middlebury for a few more days before heading home. Mom and Dad babysat one evening so that the cousins could spend an evening together. We had another gathering of Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.

Tyler and his second cousin, Brennan, play very well together. Brennan came over on Sunday afternoon and the boys kept each other occupied.

They took a break in the afternoon to go fly a kite.

Sitting on the deck.

Playing in the backyard.

Dad caught their looks of "oh no!" after Tyler had fallen in the little koi pond.
(No, this was not staged). We wish we knew what they talked about all afternoon. :)

Acting shy.

Tyler enjoyed exploring at Mom and Dad's house. He just loved eating mulberries off the tree, exploring in the pasture and woods, and peering into the swamp with promises of Mommy bringing better clothing for exploring the swamp at our next visit. I am so happy that Tyler loves our visits to Indiana. I love that he feels so comfortable there despite how infrequent our visits can be. I'm glad that even though he doesn't see Brennan too often, they can pick up where they left off. He cried when I reminded him we were coming back home to Kansas. But, once we were home, he was also happy to be in his house again.

I also feel torn. I love visiting home, in Indiana, and reconnecting with family and friends. I feel completely comfortable. It's an oasis from the demands of everyday life.

But, I'm also thankful for family here in Kansas, and friends and coworkers that feel like family. I'm thankful for their big hearts, and often sarcastic quick wit. I'm thankful that I feel at home here too.


Carrie said...

Looks like a great time - wish it would have worked for us to be there too!! How cool you could use a sleeper car on the way back, by the way!! :)

Matt said...

It was great to spend some time with you guys again.

Melissa said...

that pic of the boys and their shock is HILARIOUS! those boys - two peas in a pod! it was SOOO good to see you again!