Monday, March 1, 2010

Family Picture

Every day after preschool, we ask about Tyler's day. Sometimes, it's hard to get much out of him. I love when he tells us more, like last week when he described how a classmate was "driving Ms. Julie crazy." (And from his description of how he could tell, he appears to be able to tell when a child is driving an adult "crazy." Though I can attest that he also knows how to disregard this knowledge).

One thing I enjoy is looking at the art he brings home. I particularly enjoyed the family portrait he brought home last week.

He explained, "here's me, here's you - you're sweet, here's Daddy - he plays games with me, and here's Aubrey - she likes me." I'm not sure why Daddy doesn't have arms. Or why Aubrey looks like a bean attached to Daddy's leg. Sorry Daddy! :)


Rustin and Lynette Polinder said...

i love him, and I love that aubrey is a little bean attached to Wayne's leg. :>) and you are sweet.

Renita said...

Don't you wish you could just be in there and spy on them? You guys look like Veggie Tales characters!

Katrina said...

Your red, curly hair is HOT!

Carolyn said...

Why is Tyler the only one with a waist? Cute, too cute. Interesting that he puts Aubrey with Wayne and himself with you