Monday, September 28, 2009


I've continued to follow this blog for regular updates on what is going on.

I also "borrowed" some photos from Lynette's facebook page. Here is Lynette, Ghan, and baby Olive.

Every time I see this picture, I just can't help but cry. I see a mother's deep love for her baby.

I love this sweet picture of little Olive.

Rusty and Lynette have both talked about the great support and love they have experienced.

Rusty's Facebook post at 09/28/09

2:30ish pm:

Made it thru another day. Lynette and I are headed to bed. Very hard to leave Olive. Bethany (our dear friend) gets here in the Morning. Norm and Carol (Lynette's folks) en route as we speak. Lynette and I just sat and read all your comments! You ...have no idea how much your support helps us! Thank you!

8:45 pm:

Olive made it through the night! Libby our dear friend took her through the night. Libby and Jan giving her skin to skin, praying and singing over her! Please pray as we meet with doctors today to understand what is going on in her brain. God touch her. Keep fighting Olive! And thanks to everyone fighting with us!

9:15 pm
I am overwhelmed by all of your prayers, love, and support. I wish I could respond more individually, but all of my time is either with her or trying to sleep. So grateful and thankful to have such an amazing group of friends and family holding us up right now.

I was chatting with Rusty tonight. He said,
"They are no longer trying to limit our time with her. We can be with her 24 hours. We are trying to always have her on skin to skin so we can sing with her and pray with her, and keep an extra eye on the monitors for the nurses."

Sorry about my random font in this post. I did a lot of copying and pasting from Facebook.

Mom and Dad were scheduled to leave yesterday at 6:30 am for Thailand. When they arrived at the airport, they were informed that Thailand would not allow them into the country unless their passports had at least six months before expiring - theirs expire in February, 2010. They had to stay overnight, and were able to get the passports they needed late this afternoon. They were able to get on a 6:30 pm flight out of Chicago tonight. I'm glad they're (finally) on their way.


Melissa said...

that's SO awesome that someone can be with her all the time!

Kathy Beachy said...

Those pictures make me cry too! It's so hard to know what they are going through but they have an amazing support around them.