Sunday, May 17, 2009

Camping weekend

We got home from a camping weekend. We planned to head out on Friday after work, but due to severe thunderstorms, we waited until Saturday morning. We headed to our favorite spot at Cheney State Park. As you can see, it was flooded. Our camp site is usually around the tree line - and the sandy shore on the far side of the trees is where we have our fire. Not this time. It was cold and windy. We decided to head back to Wichita to the Pankratz Campground.

We found this fabulous spot at site number 8302. Not only could we escape the wind and cold of the majority of the day, but those bathroom accommodations were so clean. :)

We were happy that in the afternoon, the sun came out, the wind died down, and it was quite pleasant!

The boys LOVED playing in the tents. (For the little amount of time we allowed it).

Matt bought a fire pit, so we could have our campfire and s'mores.

We also enjoyed fishing both days. Neither Wayne or I had gone fishing since we were young. Here is Wayne, with his first fish. One (of many) catfish.

Tyler, with his first catch.

Wayne was not a fan of the slimy catfish...or the sounds it made when the hook was removed.

He elicited the help of expert fisherman, Patrick.

My little fisherman.

The little boys did not mind the slimy scales of the catfish at all. Every time, they all wanted to touch them.

Wayne "kissing" the fish.

We had a great time, got some sun, and enjoyed relaxing.


Anonymous said...

I guess it pays to be flexible when camping. Where did you fish? Sue

Melody Stuckey said...

We camped at Camp Pankratz site 8302. (Matt and Michelle's house). :)

Rach said...

That looks like such a fun time. Of course Wayne didn't want to touch the fish. He hates getting messy, remember??? :) Haha! By the way, my latest blog post says it all. I'm so happy! :)