Wednesday, February 18, 2009

these days

I had the day off on President's Day. I really enjoy having unplanned days. I had been wanting to add polka dots to Tyler's room for awhile. So, on Monday, I found leftover paints from previous projects and got started. I had fun, and am still working on it. Here's a picture taken tonight. I'm afraid I added more dots than I originally intended, but at least Tyler likes it.

During the day, I kept hearing a clicking noise. Wayne and I were confused about what we heard. Late in the day, we discovered that it was coming from our (5 year-old) refrigerator. It was not cooling. We figured this out late in the day. I had called Sears on Monday and they scheduled someone to come out on Friday. Suffice it to say that our condiment selection has been significantly reduced and our refrigerator is now nice and clean. On Tuesday morning, as I lamented that we were going to have to wait until Friday, a coworker gave me the name of a reliable handyman who came out right away and got it going for us again!

And tonight, Tyler is working on his own painting project. We went to Hobby Lobby to get more light blue paint for his room and he found a train sun catcher.

So, nothing terribly exciting, but that's what has been going on in our house the last couple of days.